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by Douglas Canier, CMT

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There is convincing evidence that chemical treatment does nothing to cure arthritis or to alleviate the pain which accompanies it. There is reason to believe that medication can even compound the problem by creating toxicity in the body. A major obstacle with this disease is the lack of understanding of its cause. Some western medical experts have gone so far as to state that there is no cure. The National Arthritis Foundation admits lacking an understanding of the causes of this crippling disease.

My exploration into the causes and cure for this disease began within my own family. My father, a chronic arthritis sufferer, has been able to change his condition. This wonder began when the medicine stopped working. He, of course, became very concerned. I thought it might be best to take him to a knowledgeable friend. She was a strong-willed 80+ year old woman who had taken on the Federal Drug Administration and won, eventually receiving a significant sum of money in settlement. She was just the person to send my father to. She encouraged him to explore alternative methods to find relief from his ailments.

Jethro Kloss, in his book Back to Eden, offers some insights into the nature of arthritis. He believes that chronic rheumatism and chronic gout are similar, only manifested a little differently. Frequently, what is called arthritis follows an acute attack of rheumatism. Arthritis is just another form of rheumatism, and can be treated in a similar fashion. Rheumatism is an obstruction of acids and waste material in the body. Exposure to wet and cold can cause swelling which increases the pain and suffering. An improper diet, one which fills the system with uric acid and toxins, overloads the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and bladder so that the rheumatic obstruction cannot be alleviated. These conditions lead to these types of complaints.

Paavo Airola, Naturopathic Doctor, goes a step further to suggest a cure for arthritis. Here is a summary of his views:

1. Arthritis is a disorder of the whole body, not an individual organ breakdown.

2. Arthritis is a breakdown or disharmony of the biochemical balance in the tissue, especially in the collagen.

3. These biochemical changes cause inflammatory and degenerative changes.

4. The body is abused by poor nutritional patterns such as overeating, nutritional deficiencies, lack of balanced exercise, and severe emotional and physical stresses. These factors contribute to dimming vitality and lower resistance to disease, intestinal sluggishness, autointoxication (the process by which the body produces its own poisons which continue the disorder), and impaired elimination.

5. The biological treatment should be aimed at correcting the over acid and toxic condition.

We can create an environment to change the pre-existing factors which lead to arthritis. We can balance the metabolic processes, by establishing biochemical stability, creating capillary integrity, revitalizing glandular activity, and in general rebuilding and strengthening the overall health of the patient. The body is then able to focus its newly gained vitality to heal itself.

More specifically, arthritis sufferers must change the pH balance of the body to be more alkaline. Meat, (fish is meat too), dairy products, refined flours and sugar-filled foods are acid forming. Alkaline foods are the vegetables and fruits, while grains are mostly neutral. Airola's book Acid and Alkaline, talks about acid and alkaline ash, a residue left after the food is burnt during digestion. Consistancy in the body as it relates to temperature, pH balance, and waste elimination, is vital in the maintenance of health. There is a lot of material available on how to cleanse the body through fasting, skin care, diet modification, clean and whole food, food combining and pure water. Learning about how to create emotional stability in our lives can definitely create less stress in the body, which in turn creates less acidity. Indeed, the goal here is to bring about biochemical balance to cure arthritis and many other aspects of dis-ease as well.

At first, to those looking for relief from arthritic pain, this may seem a bit complicated or overwhelming. There is no way to change the habits of a lifetime overnight, so it is important to change direction slowly and at a pace that you can live with. By embracing the explorer inside of us, we can look for ways of healing. It is self-defeating to listen to our internal critic who tells us to shape up or ship out. The voices inside us sometimes aren't friendly or helpful. Be creative and forgiving. Remember to love and nuture yourself. Envision relief from arthritic pain as a point of light inside your heart and fan the spark within. Think of how you will feel when you are able to move and do things that were not possible before. Don't believe that getting old means losing mobility or that arthritis is an irreversible condition. There aren't many things that will make you feel younger than being able to move with freedom from pain. Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step. And when you look back, you can acknowledge how far you have come.

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